Baseball Myths – Volume 1

Common baseball myths debunked!

  1. The hands are part of the bat. Rule 5.09(a)(6)
  2. A tie goes to the runner. Rule 5.06(a)(1)
  3. If a batted ball hits home plate, it’s a foul ball. Rule 2.01
  4. If on a checked swing the batter breaks his wrists, it’s a strike. Definitions (strike)
  5. On a third strike not caught, the batter is out if he fails to attempt to advance immediately. Rule 5.05(a)(2)
  6. A pitch that touches the ground before reaching the plate cannot be hit. Definitions (pitch), Definitions (strike)
  7. The batter cannot be called out for interference if he is in the batter’s box. 6.03(a)(3)
  8. The ball is dead any time an umpire is hit by the ball. Rule 5.06(c)(6), 5.06(c)(2)
  9. A pitcher must disengage the pitching rubber before throwing to a base for the purpose of making an appeal.  Rule 6.02(a)
  10. If a fielder catches a fly ball and then falls over the fence it is a homerun. Rule 5.06(b)(3)(C), Definitions (catch)

To be continued….

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