CBUA Umpire Contract

CBUA Umpires Contract

It is hereby agreed between the California Baseball Umpires Association South Bay Unit (CBUA) and the official that the parties hereto agree to enter into this contract pursuant to the following terms & conditions:

  1. The Official is an Independent Contractor & not an employee of the California Baseball Umpires Association South Bay Unit (CBUA), and shall follow the rules, regulations and directives of the CBUA, including those listed below.
  2. This contract & appointment is for a period of one (1) year only from the date of acceptance hereof to the end of the season of sport for the school year indicated above, and by receiving it the official have no vested rights or any right of reappointment or contract renewal in any future year(s).
  3. The Official agrees to maintain a maximum level of professionalism at all times in conduct, demeanor & image, both on & off the field of play.
  4. The Official agrees to maintain a working level of physical conditioning to officiate all assigned games. It is strongly recommended that every official undergo a physical examination by a licensed physician prior to each season of officiating.
  5. The Official has and will maintain one million dollars Personal Liability Insurance, for all games accepted and worked.
  6. The Official acknowledges that I have read the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures of the CBUA South Bay Unit and agree to abide by them.
  7. The Official agrees to maintain a working level & knowledge of the rules & mechanics for the sport as prescribed by the CIF Southern Section, the CBUA, and attend all classes and clinics required by CBUA South Bay Unit.
  8. The Official must be able to travel and arrive at all game sites, one half hour prior to the start of the game. All travel arrangements to game sites are the responsibility of each official.
  9. The Official agrees to hold harmless & indemnify the California Baseball Umpires Association South Bay Unit, its Board of Directors, Coordinator of Officials, the CIF Southern Section as well as its member schools from any & all liabilities for injury or damages sustained by the official as a result of any assignment accepted as an official at an athletic contest.

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